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PRO La Soudal Quick-Step Devo Team firma Jordi Warlop

Thursday 5 january 2023 - Hailing from Diksmuide in West Flanders, Jordi Warlop is an experienced rider in his own right, having ridden for several high-profile teams. A crash part way through the 2022 season curtailed his season, and with Jordi coming back to full fitness, Soudal Quick-Step Devo will be looking to use his experience to help to guide some of the team’s younger riders, as well as looking for some strong performances in his own right.

Speaking about joining the team, Warlop said: “I am really excited. I grew up and still live in West Flanders, so I know what it means to ride for Soudal Quick-Step. I am excited about the prospect of helping some of the younger riders on the team, as well as proving my condition and show that I am fully recovered from my crash.”

This was echoed by Soudal Quick-Step Devo Team manager Bart Roosens: “We have seen Jordi’s talents on the bike. He is a strong classics rider, who has the experience to be able to guide some of the younger riders as they start to build their careers. He is also very keen to show that he is fully recovered from his injuries and he is strong again, and which can only be good for us.”

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